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You are always pure and innocent canvas.

OKAMOTO NAOAKI ( 岡 本 直 哲 )
1981年生誕。2004年渡米、NYに単身渡米後、独学にてアート、デザインを勉強した後、世界でも類を見ない独自のスタイルの アート(バブルアート)を確立。現在は日本・NYをベースに海外での活躍を増やしている。
The 1981 birth. After having studied art, a design by self-education after a visit to the United States alone in visit to the United States, NY in 2004, I establish the art (bubble art) of a unique original style in the world. I increase the activity in foreign countries to a base now in Japan, NY.

生活の中に常にアートは存在する。『Art in life』で人生が少しでもポジティブなる、豊かになるというコンセ プトを持ち、『着るアート・持つアート・感じれるアート』を日本にいる職人の方々と試行錯誤しながら我々 が思う最高のものを提供する為に、素材・縫製・技術等細部にまでこだわった、作品と呼べる製品を生産しています。
Art always exists before life. I produce the works which were particular about the details such as material, sewing, a technique and products to be able to call to have a positive concept to become rich even if there are few lives in "Art in life", and to provide the best thing that we think "the art that art, the feeling that art to wear has frets" about to be it while making trial and error with the people of the craftsman who is in Japan.

              活動 ・ 受賞歴  
2010   Philadelphia Museum of Artにて映像制作
2010   ドラマ『SPEC』の主題歌を歌っているTHE RICECOOKERSのCDジャケットの制作
2011   (New York) OUCHI GALLERY 100 Artists Exhibition
2013   (Kobe) WORLD TIMES SOLO Exhibition 2014 (Kobe) WORLD TIMES SOLO Exhibition
2014   (Kobe) Abiesfirma SOLO Exhibition 2014 (Kobe) Abiesfirma SOLO Exhibition
2014   (New York) OUCHI GALLERY SOLO Exhibition
2015   (Kobe) WORLD TIMES SOLO Exhibition
2015   (NARA) NARA 木造校舎美術館 Exhibition
2016   (Thailand) JAPAN Expo in Thailand 2016 ブースにて作品展示
2016   (NARA) 第二回 NARA 木造校舎美術館 Exhibition
2016   (Kobe) WORLD TIMES SOLO Exhibition
 2017   (Kobe) WORLD TIMES SOLO Exhibition
    (New York) ZANK&MARS in NY AWARD The 7th 100 Artists Exhibition 2ND Prize
    (JAPAN)loftwork mobile wallpaper contest MDN AWARD(Grand prize)